We clean commercial buildings & façades as well as residential properties

"Great communication from Paul he lets you know the day before a clean. Easy payment method. Geet canny bloke! 🙂"

- Elaine Breen

What first impression does your home or business give to visitors?

A tired and dirty exterior can instantly give a bad impression – so why leave it to chance?

At K2 Window Cleaning, we don’t limit our trademark “Peak Shine” to just windows, we also clean cladding and building façades!  First impressions count!  That first look at your building’s façade and exterior makes a difference to how your clients & customers perceive your business.

With many years of experience we know how to remove the toughest stains safely and quickly from building façades. We provide both high and low level cladding cleaning to all types of metal and PVC cladding commonly found on the exterior of industrial units and commercial buildings and we can clean the plastic cladding found on many homes too.

We know that safety is paramount to our clients so we offer a flexible service.  Our cladding cleaning can be done at a low customer traffic time that suits your business needs or when your business is closed.

Are green gutters getting you down?

Algae and lichen thrive in the damp British climate, and can quickly stain the once pristine PVC on your homes exterior making the whole building look shabby – but we can help!

Using our high reach “water fed pole” cleaning system, we can clean away the grime quickly & effectively. The specially designed brush heads softens the stains and the constant flow of pure water washes the grime away to leave nothing behind but our trademark “Peak Shine”!

Because our high reach cleaning system reduces the need for ladders or access equipment, it is often significantly cheaper to clean 2nd floor fascia and soffit this way. Even on standard houses, it allows us to clean awkward sections, such as above extensions or conservatories, where ladders would not be able to reach.

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