Is your conservatory looking tired and unloved?

K2 Window Cleaning can restore it to the shine you remember!

"I’ve been using K2 Window Cleaning for over 4 years now without any hassle whatsoever. My windows are kept clean all year round, Professional, reliable and honest, I know when they are coming and being able to pay online is great. Last year they cleaned my conservatory roof and the results were amazing! Would recommend."

Denise Capewell, Wallsend

Your conservatory should be a bright and airy room where you can relax and enjoy the sunshine.

Unfortunately though the British climate can quickly take its toll on a conservatory and leave it dirty and green with algae and lichen stains clouding the roof and blocking the sunshine.

We can help! Using gentle but effective cleaning methods we can wash away the algae and lichen to restore the sparkling white frames beneath – and we can clean from the decorative roof finials down to the window sills (and everything in between) with ease.

Conservatory Deep Cleaning

Most conservatories only get cleaned once or twice a year, and some get left even longer, so when we’re called in to clean it usually requires more than a quick once-over, a thorough deep clean is what is needed and what K2 Cleaning Services provides.

Using our “water fed pole” cleaning system we can reach those awkward spots on the conservatory roof that others might miss, and the constant flow of HOT ultra-pure deionised water simply melts away the algae stains and grime leaving nothing behind but a long lasting shine!

Deep cleaning from the tip of the roof down to the sills

Eco-friendly chemical free cleaning methods

We can reach awkward areas using our pole cleaning system