K2 Window Cleaners offer Solar Panel Cleaning Services

K2 Cleaning services have great respect for the environment; that is why they use environmentally friendly products as much as possible. Even their carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning products are child safe and pet safe.
When it comes to window cleaning, the water they use is purified through filters and is more effective, cleaning better and lasting longer than many of the polluting chemicals.
Because of their eco-friendly ethos it gives them great satisfaction to offer their solar array cleaning service.
Even in the British weather solar panels have many benefits. For one thing they give clean, carbon neutral electricity for around twenty years. Even though they are not without considerable initial cost they can be a great investment.
The saving in electricity bills plus the fact that you can sell your overproduction back to the grid means that over the lifetime of the solar array you get your money back plus a much greater return than you would have from just keeping it in the bank.
Of course if you don’t have the money in the bank and would have to borrow it, thereby paying interest, you would have to carefully consider if this is the right thing for you. But assuming that you do go for the solar panels the greatest plus is that you get the satisfaction of going eco-friendly and of doing your bit for the environment.
A lot of people these days are having photo voltaic panels fitted to their roofs. This is great for catching the sun but over time as with windows the panels can get dirty, collecting not just the sunshine but algae, dust, bird poop, and other nasties that block out the light and make them less efficient. So how do you reach up to clean your solar panels?
Hanging off a ladder is not a good idea. Rather you could simply let the K2 solar panel cleaners do it for you. Their water fed poles reach over sixty feet and can handle most jobs even getting into awkward places, thus leaving the panels crystal clear and working at maximum efficiency. This will boost output by at least ten per cent and probably much more. Rather than having to remember when to clean your panels why not agree a schedule with K2 Cleaning? That way their window cleaners will remember for you. It is usually only necessary to clean the panels two or three times a year and this could even be combined with your regular window clean if that is convenient to you.
Many commercial businesses are also seeing the sense of installing solar panels to cut down on their electricity overheads; if they have space they may even go for a passive solar array. These can be fitted into relatively small areas and are much more popular than windmills.
The problem again is that they will need regular maintenance. Fortunately the friendly window cleaners at K2 Window Cleaning are happy to tackle any job no matter what the size. They will always provide all relevant health and safety documentation before the job starts, they are fully insured to the tune of five million pounds, they have all the equipment needed and are fully trained to take on any project. K2 window cleaners will give you a fully itemised, free, no obligation quote and if you decide to go with them they will stick to any timings and agreements made.

K2 Offer their “peak shine” solar farm cleaning services in Newcastle, North Tyneside and all across the North East for larger projects.