Need a Window Cleaner? Think Ahead at Busy Times

Spring is a wonderful time of year; it is lovely to hear the song birds and to see them busily raising their chicks, taking advantage of the abundance of insect grubs and the warming days leading into summer.
This is also a busy time for window cleaners. After the dreary days of winter people are thinking about their spring cleaning and of course if you live anywhere in the North-East, part of that process is to ring K2 Cleaning Services. The friendly professionals at K2 offer window cleaning, fascia and soffit cleaning, gutter cleaning, conservatory cleaning, porch cleaning, cladding cleaning, façade cleaning as well as carpet and upholstery cleaning, leaving everything fresh and tidy for the summer.
Window cleaners can be very busy at this time of the year so it is a good idea to book your appointment several weeks in advance, the same way that you would do at Christmas. Also if you have family or friends living nearby it can be a good idea to ask them if they need a window cleaner and to book them in at the same time.
Sometimes an urgent situation comes up, for instance if you are a landlord and you have an empty house as the tenants have just left. You need to get the place cleaned as quickly as possible so that you can prepare it to be rented out again. The same can be true for a holiday home as the busy summer season approaches. A little forethought will make obtaining a window cleaner much easier; however if this is not possible K2 window cleaning services will try to fit you in as soon as possible.
If you are a regular customer you can ask for the extra jobs to be put on the regular cycle so that they will be done automatically without you having to remember. This arrangement also benefits the window cleaner as it helps him to plan his work. If you are not a regular customer you may have to wait longer but the friendly window cleaners at K2 Cleaning Services will always do their best to fit you in.
The same will apply to the carpet cleaning and the upholstery cleaning. It is always good to think ahead if you can and book in advance. The friendly K2 guys are expert domestic carpet cleaners and they are also expert commercial carpet cleaners and upholstery cleaners.
If you own a pub, a restaurant, guest house or hotel you know that the first part of the busy season comes at Easter when the kids get time off from school and there is a bank holiday and people want to take time to relax.
Of course you as the business owner want to attract the maximum amount of custom onto your premises. Having a dirty carpet or grubby upholstery can be very off-putting. Investing a little to have the carpets and furniture cleaned will pay for itself in no time. Unfortunately people don’t always notice how clean a place is but if it is even a little sub-standard you can guarantee that they will see that.
So if you need a window cleaner or a carpet cleaner or an upholstery cleaner give K2 Window Cleaning Services a call and remember if we are coming up to a busy time it pays to book in advance.
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