Spring Cleaning Windows Across Newcastle

They say that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb and this year it lived up to its reputation. The Beast from the East visited us twice in the North-East of England but contrary to some forecasts didn’t give us a white Easter. Instead the clocks sprang forward, the birds…
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Customer Satisfaction

Wherever you live in the North East of England you will have come across issues with customer satisfaction It can be difficult sometimes to find a reliable tradesman who will do a job to a high enough standard. Sometimes the reason for this is that you may only have a small job that isn’t worth…
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Health and safety while cleaning windows

A Paramedic told me the other day that when he started his career he attended a lot of gruesome cases; he said that things have improved greatly over time and there are far less tragedies now than there used to be. When he attends a traffic accident for instance, rather than dealing with deaths and…
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Some Old Fashioned Tips for Spring Cleaning Season

March is here and spring cleaning time is nearly upon us. As we all know K2 Expert Cleaners offer a premium window cleaning service as well as a great carpet cleaning service and a wonderful upholstery cleaning service. But after the inevitable decluttering, getting the window cleaning, the carpet cleaning and the upholstery cleaning done,…
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The Wonderful Properties of Water

It has been estimated that if the earth were a perfect sphere with no mountains or valleys, the sea would cover the whole planet to a depth of 2.75 kilometres; this amounts to approximately 340,000,000 cubic miles of water. Water is the amazing substance that makes the plants grow and keeps us alive. People that…
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Honest, Reliable, Value for Money

We all know that a fresh workplace is good for morale and that a cleanly presented retail space is essential for sales. If your carpet looks as if it came off a mangy dog or your shop doors are full of finger marks your sales will plummet. But how can you be sure that the…
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Schools and universities

Retail outlets and shops

Showrooms and garages

Care and nursing homes

Health centres and surgeries

Hotels and guest houses

Offices and call centres

Industrial units and warehouses

Factories and workshops

Leisure centres and play areas

All this and more!