Some Old Fashioned Tips for Spring Cleaning Season

March is here and spring cleaning time is nearly upon us.

As we all know K2 Expert Cleaners offer a premium window cleaning service as well as a great carpet cleaning service and a wonderful upholstery cleaning service.

But after the inevitable decluttering, getting the window cleaning, the carpet cleaning and the upholstery cleaning done, what tips can K2’s professional cleaning services give you for the general housework?

Most of us remember our grandmothers making a big deal of the spring cleaning and doing a good job too. But in our day there are many proprietary cleaning products on the market that our forebears would not be familiar with. We are told that they are there to make our lives easier; but is this true? Are the modern cleaning products any better than the old fashioned ones?

Certainly when it comes to being environmentally friendly there is a lot to be said for the older products. They were not harsh and there was little need for health warnings, they were cheaper than the products we use now and many of them did a great job. So much so that some people still use them today.

K2 Professional Cleaning Services has researched a few old fashioned cleaning suggestions for you to try out for yourself:

  1. Fresh water, the obvious place to start; try a slightly damp cloth for doing the dusting; most surfaces don’t need polish so why buy it?
  2. Use white vinegar to prevent mildew in the bathroom or mix it with water and wet a piece of newspaper, rub your mirrors with it and then rub with a piece of dry newspaper to leave the mirror gleaming. You can also wipe down your counter tops with white vinegar as a deterrent for ants. Vinegar is good for lime scale, pouring one cupful into your empty washing machine once a month and putting it through a wash cycle should keep it unclogged; you can also use half a cup of vinegar as a fabric softener and you can use it as rinse aid in the dishwasher. It is a natural deodoriser, spraying it in the air will deodorise a smoky or paint fumed room.
  3. Soak stained items in salty water for an hour or so before washing, this doesn’t work on everything but it is worth a try. The old fashioned solution to mildew stains was to soak the item in buttermilk; this would be an interesting one to try on coloured items that would be ruined by bleach.
  4. Lemon juice will remove stains from your hands and odours from your cleaning cloths, chopping boards and oven. It will also remove ink spots from fabric and by soaking it in a piece of kitchen towel and wrapping it around you taps overnight it can remove the lime scale.
  5. Baking soda is a mild abrasive and can be used as an all-purpose cleaner. It can clean your fridge, remove tea stains from cups and it is a great deodoriser. It can also remove crayon marks from wallpaper.
  6. Strong sunlight is great for removing stains; wet the stained area and leave it out in the sun; when it dries do it again and keep repeating until the stain has faded away. Again this is a good tip for items that would be ruined by bleach.

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