Spring cleaning

The spring is with us at last; the sun is out, the birds are singing and it is time to wipe away the cobwebs of winter.
Spring is a busy time for most people; the garden will definitely need attention, there is the first cut of the grass to do and of course there is the spring cleaning. The problem is that most of us have busy lives and the work can pile up like a mountain.
That is where K2 Cleaning comes in, reducing that mountain back to the molehill it should be. K2 Cleaning is a quick, efficient and professional company that specialise in domestic as well as commercial window cleaning. They have all the equipment and the know how to clean and freshen your windows inside and out as well as your conservatory, your gutters, cladding, fascia and soffit and even your carpets.
One advantage of having the K2Cleaning guys do your window cleaning is that it prevents you having to hang off a ladder, taking risks just to clean your upper windows. The guys at K2 actually have the equipment that in most cases avoids the use of ladders all together.
The friendly professionals at K2 Cleaning pride themselves on being kind to the environment. They use the water fed pole system and because it uses only purifies water, get a more lasting result with it than the nasty chemicals ever did. The water fed pole system is not the future of window cleaning, it has very much arrived and it has the added advantage of being much safer that the older methods as there are no ladders involved. This means that nobody will get injured. Also with the poles having up to a sixty foot reach, there won’t be anyone climbing over your roof trying to reach awkward places and cracking your roof tiles.
K2 Cleaning does not turn away jobs just because they are small. Our friendly workers will clean an old people’s bungalow just as happily as they will a large commercial building. Neither do they over inflate their prices, which start at only £10 per house. You can rely on them to be kind, friendly and respectful to everyone no matter what size the job is.
The friendly guys at K2 Cleaning also pride themselves on being on time. They will let you know what time they can get to you and if there is a delay beyond their control they undertake to text you to let you know.
There is nothing better than a beautiful sunny day with sunlight streaming in through the windows to show up the dirt that has accumulated over the winter. The guys at K2 will wash the winter away, leaving the sun shining beautifully through crystal clear panes making the dark and the cold a distant memory. They will also clean the algae off the conservatory roof, and professional cleaners that they are they will clean the frames and sills for free.
K2’s professional workers are City and Guilds trained and fully experienced. They are also insured to the tune of five million pounds so there is no risk to you when you allow them onto your property.
K2 Cleaning operates in: Newcastle, North Shields, North Tyneside, Wallsend, Tynemouth, Whitley Bay, Gosforth, Wideopen, Ponteland, Morpeth, Gateshead and across the whole of the North East.
So wash away the winter blues with K2 Cleaning’s professional window cleaning services. Call now on: 07584 090 508 or 0191 263 6648.
When we say we will leave your windows with a “peak shine” we really mean it.