Solar Panel Cleaning

It is the beginning of October, the leaves are turning red and we all know that winter is not far away. In our area this can mean wind and rain, ice and snow, which means that at this time of year most people are thinking about buying their winter fuel. Keeping warm can be costly which is why environmentally friendly ways of keeping down the bills are becoming more and more popular.

Many people are now investing in solar panels. These panels use the sun’s energy either to heat water or to generate electricity. The panels themselves are protected from the weather and from corrosion by glass. They are passive solar collectors with no moving parts so there is very little maintenance, except of course, that they must be cleaned.
Everyone is used to K2’s professional window cleaning service with its trade mark “Peak Shine,” but did you know that K2 also offers an industrial and domestic solar panel cleaning service? The advantage of Solar panels is that they save you money and are kind to the environment as they have a small carbon footprint. However they do need to be maintained as dust, grime, pollution, traffic, leaves and bird droppings can lower their efficiency. You may not worry too much in the summer when there is plenty of sunshine but as the days get shorter and duller it becomes more important to extract maximum efficiency from your solar panels. Obviously the dirtier your panels the less efficient they will be and surveys have revealed that you can lose up to thirty percent efficiency, therefore thirty percent of your cash, through lack of a simple fix like cleaning. In cities like Newcastle or Gosforth this can be especially important because as the passing traffic dirties your windows it is probably doing the same to your solar panels.
This is where K2’s professional solar panel cleaning service comes in. After all, most solar panels are installed on roofs or other hard to reach and dangerous places. It probably isn’t a good idea to attempt to clean these yourself. Why take the risk when K2 will clean your solar panels for you? As you know K2 professional window cleaning and solar panel cleaning is fully insured to the tune of five million pounds and the professional staff use the latest cleaning methods to make the job as safe and efficient as possible. The water fed pole system is normally operated from the ground, making the use of ladders unnecessary; it is also environmentally friendly as it uses de-ionised water rather than nasty chemicals.
How often you get the solar panels cleaned is up to you. At the very least they should be done in the spring to get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up over the winter and in the autumn to clean away the summer dust and cobwebs for maximum efficiency in the winter. If K2 already does your regular window cleaning you can ask them to schedule in a solar panel clean twice a year and leave the remembering to them. Don’t worry though if you are not a regular window cleaning customer as K2 can still offer you their premier solar panel cleaning service.
K2 solar panel cleaning is available to all domestic and industrial customers in North Tyneside, Whitley Bay, Morpeth, Newcastle, North Shields, Tynemouth, Gosforth, Wallsend, Ponteland, Wideopen, Gateshead and across the whole of the North East.
K2 will leave your windows and solar panels with a “Peak Shine”
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